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3 Simple Steps to Refill Your Candle Jar



Thread wick through wick holder and center in a suitable candle jar with a 75mm diameter*



Microwave bag of wax upright in a microwave-safe dish for two minutes.



Pour liquid wax into candle jar and let set for two hours. Trim wick and enjoy!


Don't be a jar tosser!

You can now easily reuse your favourite vessels with these easy to use candle refills.

Refills vs Single-Use Candles

Why should you try Kunaka's refills over traditional candles?

Refill your favorite candle jars

Make a candle in just 3 minutes

Wick and wick holder included

40 hours of scented joy



Great Scent Throw

Reduces Waste

Burns Properly

Paraffin Wax


Reuse Candle Jars


A better way of doing candles

Why Kunaka?

Most candle jars never get reused or recycled, and an empty candle jar tossed out today can take thousands of years to break down. We are on a mission to encourage the reuse of empty candle jars to help reduce landfill. Plus, these candles also smell amazing!

Receive a FREE gift on orders over $99+ Shop now
FREE shipping on orders $80+

4.8/5 rating - 220 reviews

Loved by thousands

Reduce waste and make the switch from traditional candles to these eco-friendly candle refill pouches.

I love Candles so the fact that I can pour my own with your lovely product is terrific. Very happy with the gorgeous aroma and that the candle burns at a nice pace.

Cheryl Hammill

Verified customer

First time I’ve tried these products and yes I really liked them. So easy to make and half the cost of buying ready made candles love the scent too probably my favourite.


Happy customer

Really easy to use - and am very happy with the outcome - obviously learning to centre and balance the wick is very important for burning outcome - but extremely happy

Deb Weston

Happy customer

Such a beautiful fragrance, and the process to make this candle could not be more simple! I will certainly be buying more

Rhonda Nelis

Happy customer

A quick and easy way to refill your existing candle containers. Tried making my own (messy) and this is just so handy. Thankyou for a great time saving product. And the scents are amazing

Meg Taylor

Verified customer

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